Sunday, March 12, 2017


Something good is going to happen to you 

Right [D] there in the dust[Bm]  he [Em]sat by the [A7] gate

To [Em]listen to [A7] footsteps and [D] patiently wait;

The blind man just didn’t’ dream that[G6] this was the day

That [D] Jesus of[B7]  Nazareth would[D] pass by his [D]way



Something [G] good is going to[D]  happen to [Bm] you

[Em7] Happen to [A7] you [D]  this very day;

Something [G] good is going to [D] happen to [B7you

[E7] Jesus of Nazareth is [A7] passing your[D] way.


She [D]stood by the well [Bm]  so [Em]tired and [A7] alone

Mis-[Em]-fortune and [A7] heartache was [D] all she had known;

She looked at the stranger, but [G6]  who would ever think

‘Twas [D] jesus to [B7]  offer living [D]water [A7]  to [D]drink.


They[D] were only wee children [Bm]  so [Em]happy at [A7]play

And [Em]told to stay [A7]  quiet and [D] out of the way;

But then came the Savior with [G6] arms open wide

They’re [D]  part of His[B7]   kingdom make[D] room by[A7]  His [D]side.


My [D] friend, if you’re list’ning [Bm]  -  [Em]right now to [A7]me,

-  [Em] This is the [A7]  moment that [D] you can be free;

This very same Jesus is [G6] right here today

Release [D] your faith and [B7]  touch Him then[D] believe me [A7] when I [D]say;


G6 is same as Em7. If you can't do Bm then use Bm7 (one chord)  Em can be made by omitting the middle finger and using two notes which still makes it GEED, similar to GEGD. the correct notes are still maintained.

Ralph Carmichael   Piano is available in the book Country & Western Gospel Hymnal. Vol 1

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