Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Dream

This is the dream that is right for good people.  My daughter follows this in her life and creates wonderful things from training she perservered with. Well done to my middle daughter. A+++

I have put the chords to this, so if you need to change them feel free. 

Keep a Dream in Your Pocket.  Key G.
By The Seekers – Judith Durham. Composer Bruce Woodley.

 [G] Keep a dream in your pocket and a song in your heart;
Keep the lamp of your learnin' burnin' bright.
Keep your [C] eye on your horizon and a smile on your face
As you travel down the highway of your [D] life. 
[G] Don't listen to those voices that say it can't be done;
They build walls where there was never one before.
No, there's not [C] hing that can stop you, nothing that can drag you down,
If you keep lookin' for that ever-open [D] door.

[G] So if you follow your dream to the end of the [C] road,
Taking [Am] care not to let it fade [D] away [G] (not fade away),
If you follow your dream and you follow it [C] well,
It [Am] will lead you to the promise of a [C] bright, shi [G] ny day.
4 beats
[G] Well, imagine if Columbus had not dreamt the world was round,
And Armstrong had not walked upon the moon,
If John and [C] Paul never wrote a song for "Yesterday,"
If all of them had given up too [D] soon.

Yes, they were [Em] always taking chances, looking for the [C] answers
That took the whole world to higher [D] ground.
Keep a dream in your pocket, 
Keep a dream in your heart.
Keep your dream forever; 
Don't let it fade away.
Chorus. x 2 last one fades out. 

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